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Law office of Katheryn H. Haywood’s primary goal is to provide each client with the highest quality legal service and to obtain a fair and equitable resolution for each client.

As a former Assistant City Attorney, an Assistant District Attorney, over 11 years as a municipal judge and over a decade and a half defending serious crimes, I have the experience to DEFEND YOU and a proud advantage over other attorneys.

I have handled over 300 jury trials (YES, 300!) and over 3,000 criminal cases. I handled everything from DWI to Murder. I excel in the defense of complicated felony charges, including sexual assaults, child abuse charges, murder, aggravated assault, family violence and dope charges.

I have had numerous not guilty verdicts and dismissals; I combine a comprehensive defense strategy with a team work approach hiring private investigators, expert witnesses and consultants as needed to bring you an unequaled level of experience and expertise.

Let Me Fight For Your Future

Real Experience. No-Nonsense, Aggressive Representation. If you or a loved one is in trouble and you need to protect your legal rights, you want to hire an experienced lawyer who will represent you strongly and get you the best possible result. You need no-nonsense, aggressive representation.


Why hire the Law Office of Katheryn H. Haywood?


hen you hire me, I represent you. I do not send an associate to plead your case; no paralegal drafts your motions and when you call to discuss your case, you speak with me. I personally handle any case on which I am hired from the initial arrest to the conclusion of the proceedings. I return all phone calls and emails personally and strive to take some of the fear and anxiety out of the criminal justice system.

Being charged with a crime is emotionally taxing and can overwhelm every family member of the accused. Have an attorney who understands this stress is paramount to surviving the experience.

What to expect:

What is my greatest concern or fear regarding these charges?

The answer to this may vary. You may be worried about the stigma of an arrest or conviction. You may be concerned with the financial burden. Perhaps the limitations on your rights or freedoms is your primary thought. But for most people accused of a crime the single biggest fear is punishment, what will happen to me.
I can help you discuss these fears and answer your questions. I can formulate a defense strategy to focus on your primary concern.
If staying out of jail is your only goal, I will work to achieve probation or a reduction of the charges. If clearing your name is your fervent desire, we will proceed to trial and mount the most effective defense available to you. Whatever your fear, I will listen to you and work with you.

Is the firm I hire concerned with my problem and helping me find a solution?

No one cares more about the accusation than you and your family, but I will make your future my goal. I will work with you to find a solution you can live with or we will fight the charges and test the strength of the government’s case.

Is an experienced firm that thrives off of commitment and teamwork important to me?

It should be! If your lawyer doesn’t care about your case no jury, judge or prosecutor will!

Will my firm be there for me, from beginning to end?

When you hire me, I will prepare all motions, interview your witnesses, learn your story and defend you in court. Period. While an associate might appear in court to pass your case on a setting, I will be the attorney working with you and fighting for you from day one to the day you walk out of the courthouse.


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Amazing Attorney, Compassionate Person!


Amazing Attorney, Compassionate Person!

Started off looking at 10 years Tdc and managed to get drug court with a deferred adjudication and no felony status with the completion of drug court in 12-18 months.



We simply can’t say enough to express our gratitude to Katheryn.


You WILL NOT find a better attorney. Period!
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