am  proud native Texan and a graduate of Texas A&M University (Honors) and Baylor University School of Law.

I’m a criminal defense attorney in my soul and probably always have been. As a small child, I was often in trouble at school for defending another student against a false accusation or trouble they found themselves in. I have always hated inequality, racism, and bullying by police or persons in power and have felt a true affinity for the little man, the underdog.

Your right to legal representation is not supposed to be predicated on your ability to pay. For this reason, I champion indigent defense volunteering my time in pro bono cases and taking court appointment for clients who cannot legally be forced to pay.

I spent the majority of my childhood believing I would be a prosecutor, a champion for justice. I fulfilled that dream only to realize my destiny did not lay with prosecution. I found the system catered to the rich, privileged and connected persons and often ignored the rights of the regular guy. Who you hired mattered as much more to the courts and the district attorneys than WHAT you did. I became a defense attorney trying to instill some measure of equality to the cases that came to my desk.

I believe that every man, woman and child of every race and creed deserves to be heard. No crime is so heinous that the accused should not be presumed innocent and afforded every right and dignity afforded by law. My entire life is predicated on this belief.

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